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UPDATE: New Point value specified. 


UPDATE: For manual H4CK's only- when the

"H4CK" packets are implemented, there may be some

glitchiness with Prizerebel while the website is tricked into

accepting the "H4CK3D" packets.

 These can include, but aren't limited to-


1) Changes in Point Values

2) Garbled, unreadable, and/or

Random offers completed

3) And lastly, if any other glitches are found, please e-mail




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Why does this happen? This happens because when you pass ten points, Prizerebel fetches your point value for authentication. When it tries to do this,  the code implemented at the H4CK sign-up is activated, it tricks the website into accepting the H4CK3D Packets, thus changing your points to around 6-10X your Original Score!


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